Whispering Reeds | mobile application 

Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
Professors: Gillian Crampton Smith, Philip Tabor
When: from October to December 2010
Team: Martina Maitan, Paolo Basso, Damiano Gui
Technology involved: Processing and Java for the app prototype

Whispering Reeds is an interactive system, accessed by a mobile device, through which people can “plant a reed” anywhere in Venice to record their thoughts and sensations, and can listen to the “whispering reeds” of others.
As we know the idea Venice not as a geographical place but as something less common and concrete: an area in which curious people like to wander around without destination. 

The perfect user for Whispering Reeds is a person who likes simple, unique and sophisticated things. Someone who likes deep thinking and probably hides a poetic soul.
The best representation of anyone’s emotions could be only a small thing; we decided to use a reed: a more natural element, apt to the context (a city grown on the water) and supported by the ancient myth of King Mida’s secret.
Less is more. For this reason, the final design is as minimal as possible. We wanted the user to be the center of the application, interacting with gestures more than with buttons, and attending to the world around him or her more than to the device itself.

For this project I participated actively with my two teammates in the development of the concept and scenario. We all generated ideas for the graphics separately and then we combined them. I organized the step-through and the wireframes of the app navigation and helped the team to build up the general graphic appearance. I recorded all Venice sounds and the “whispers” for the video, and made some user tests in order to decide what mood for our app.
Damiano worked on the navigation code, shoot and edited the videos. Paolo mainly worked on the graphics of the screens with me and he made all PDF documentation of the project.
More info on interaction-venice.com >

Here you can download the PDF presentation of the project

Whispering Reeds was selected for the final phase of the Adode Design Achievements Awards 2011 held in Taipei

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