Word Movies Counter | digital service  

Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
Professor: Steffen Klaue
When: October 2011
Team: Martina Maitan, Claudia Miliziano, Valerio Calimici
Technology involved: Processing for create the app prototype

Words Movie Counter is an information service designed to show the occurrences of specific words in the films.
This service is designed to protect children from viewing unsuitable content that may hurt their sensibility.

Words Movie Counter
is an application for mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

The application enables you to interact with the displayed data: for each film words are tagged according to a standard set of categories (‘bad’ or ‘good’ words) and grouped in percent, then one can see more in detail which words have been repeated more often and what are not repeated, one also can see the entire timeline with the quotes by each single character in the movie.
By changing the parameters of the categories you switch to another movie.

Follow this link and you can download the Processing Sketch from www.openprocessing.com
Download the PDF presentation of the project.

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