Interface, display, database. Cinema and New Media in comparison | visual media 

Course in Cinema and visual arts, IUAV University
Professor: Antonio Costa
When: January 2012
Technology involved: InDesign, FinalCut Pro and Apple Motion

A small book that tells how the typical elements that distinguish New Media (the interface, the screen, the database) appear frequently in the world of cinema and contemporary art.
Along with Minority Report, famous for the interactive screen and the information database manipulated by the main character, one can find the very same idea of interactive interface and database in “Tavoli” (tables) by Studio Azzurro, or in the works of the Mexican artist Lozano Hemmer.
Interaction design is also present in the movies, with such advanced systems that have no apparent interface at all: the computer HAL 9000 of “2001: A Space Odyssey” inspired indeed the modern Siri app on iPhone.

I have edited a short video that brings together all the distinctive scenes from the films considered in my article.
Here you can read and download the article.

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