About me
I have always been fascinated by the possibility of intersecting those different fields like design, computer technologies, music, arts… that is, the world of interaction between the human gesture and the device. Both aspects are important to me: the object, the product, and also the performance, the process of creating something that amazes, and enhances one’s awareness of the hidden life of things.

All this kindles my curiosity towards what stands ‘behind the scene’ of this new world: who and what makes possible the wonders created by the interaction design – being this an object or just an element of visual design – and how different approaches operate new technologies in order to satisfy the needs and desires of everyone’s daily life.

– Graduate degree in the Masters program in Visual and Multimedia Communication at IUAV University of Venice, specializing in Interaction design.

– Undergraduate degree cum laude in Visual Arts and New Technologies at Academy of Fine Art in Venice (2010).

– Arts high school “A. Martini” , Vicenza (2006).

I have experience in the whole range of the interaction design processes: user research, brainstorming, concept development. My recent experience in a H-art, a service design agency, has been especially useful in acquiring fluency in the technical aspects of design strategy and user experience. I am also strong in conceiving a graphic idea and developing it through different prototyping tactics, such as building physical objects as well as making video simulations.

– Strong in Adobe CS6 Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Apple iWork bundle and prototyping tools like Axure, Flinto, Proto.io. Map designer with Mapbox Studio and Tilemill.
– Strong in Video making and editing: Final Cut Pro X10, Premiere and Adobe After Effect.
– Good in web design: CSS, HTML, Javascript. Presently I am practicing with Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse.
Basic skills in MAX/MSP Jitter and VVVV, for the interactive installation, and Ableton Live ,Reason softwares for sound design
– Basic skills in Processing, Arduino for mobile and physical prototyping.

Interaction Designer and Data Visualization Designer for MIT SenseAble City Lab based in Singapore from October 2012 – ongoing
Interaction e Visual Designer | internship, for Fjord from May 2012 – to September 2012
Developer and UX Designer | for Adobe Systems Inc. under Labor – Agentur für moderne Kommunikation GmbH from December 2011 – April 2012
Interaction designer and strategic analyst | internship, H-Art (Italy), 2011
(you can see my works here: Illy Circolo, Fondazione Telecom Italia, Telecom Working Capital)

- Graphic Designer |  internship, Eurografica (Vicenza – Italy), 2005

– “White Box – Since Forever, Every Morning” , VIU, Venice International University, Venezia, 2009

- Finalist at the ADAA 2011, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards held in Taipei (Taiwan) on the “Mobile Design” category with “Whispering Reeds” project
– Semifinalist at the ADAA 2012, with the project “Words Movie Counter” on the “Mobile Design” category
– Semifinalist at the ADAA 2014, with the project “Eye – Explore your Emotions” on the “Mobile Design” category

Mother tongue: Italian. Fluent spoken and written English.

Download my Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Linkedin You can read my Linkedin resume.

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